Revitalize Conditioner

Revitalize Acondicionador | I.C.O.N. Cure by Chiara | I.C.O.N. Products
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Revitalize Conditioner


Pre wash Revitalizing Conditioner

Reimagine the way a conditioner is used with Reverse Shampoo. Revitalizing conditioner filled with vitamins and minerals to nourish, smooth and keep a ph balance; color-safe. Apply before or after shampoo and style as desired.

  • Penetrates, preps, restores and strengthens hair
  • Cures your hair of its imperfections
  • The unique product is designed to cure erratic hair of its daily stresses
  • Being light enough to not weigh down fine hair

Available sizes: 8.5 oz. / 33.8 oz.

Active ingredients
This protein protects and strengthens the hair by repairing it
Prodew 500
Protects color
Amino acid blend that repairs hair damage on the surface while strengthens its structure and protects color