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Hair Serum

Best Product of the Year 2015 | Premios Cuídate Men’s Health

Elixir provides hair density, body and fortification at the root of the hair. With advanced technology and ingredients such as Procapil and Follisync Bio-functional, the cellular level of the hair is renewed, resulting in thicker and healthier looking hair.

  • Increases density
  • Stimulates growth
  • Strengthens
  • Repairs

Available size: 5.1 oz.

Active Ingredients
Fights follicle aging
Fights follicle aging and invigorates the scalp
Molecule formed by the binding of proteins, which strengthens the hair giving it brightness and shine
Follisync Bio Functional
Transforms and stimulates healthy hair growth
Vitamin B3
Prevents hair loss
Essential vitamin to prevent hair loss by stimulating growth