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OIL and DRY for a super sleek and ultra-shiny blowout. On wet hair use OIL to control texture and mist DRY for added shine and UV protection; together the perfect oil solution.

FROM FINE TO THICK HAIR INDIA the line of luxury
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India DUO
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India Oil
Miraculously nourishing and incredibly light-weight
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India Dry
Revolutionary blend of oils and UV inhibitors
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India Box
Included in the pack
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The essence of


Nourishes and moisturizes the hair allowing easy combing while avoiding frizz
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The miracle of


It contains more than 90 nutrients, making it essential in hair repair and healing
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The scent of


This fragrance used since ancient times embraces us, soothing our senses and increasing our energy
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The nutrients of


Anti-inflammatory to soothe and heal the scalp with natural UV inhibitors
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India Oil

Witness the Magic

Miraculously nourishing, incredibly light-weight and colorless. Our miracle, our liquid gold, our India Oil; filled with fatty acids and packed with protective nourishment.

On wet hair, work throughout the entire head while palming the cuticular layer and watch the magic happen. On dry hair, provide added protection by surfacing the entire hair shaft.

Exceptional for thick and unruly hair to add managabilty, movement and shine. The beautiful scent of Amber oil blooms with your personal aroma.

India Dry

Double Protection

Experience the ultimate of this revolutionary blend of oils and UV inhibitors that will soothe and envelop each strand of hair, leaving it weightless.

This micro mist of nutrients adds double protection from environmental damage, while instantly absorbing into the hair, leaving it full of nourishment with a feather-light feel. On wet hair, smooths the cuticle while improving blow dry time. On dry hair, mist to provide protection, glisten and glow.

DRY transforms from wet to dry. We call it ‘’DRY’’ since the minute it hits the air, it dries on the cuticular layer; leaving it nourished and manageable.

dry-with-flor India Duo
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India DUO

India the line of luxury

Oil and Dry for a super sleek and ultra-shiny blowout. On wet hair use Oil control texture and mist Dry for added shine and UV protection; together the perfect oil solution.

  • Dry: Blow dry fine hair. Nourishes and lies on top of the cuticle. Mist and shine. Second day refresher. Wet or Dry.
  • Oil: Blow dry thick and erratic texture. Nourishes and soothes down cuticle. Ultimate shine. First day polish. Wet or Dry.