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D Frizz Shampoo

Wash will bring moisture back to your hair; it begins the ritual that fights the frizz. The complex of B Vitamins strengthens and smooths, while fortifying each strand. Lather into wet hair and rise completely.

  • Safe from harsh chemicals
  • Alternative to a 3 hour straightening system
  • Increases hair strength
  • Enhances elasticity
  • Protects color and hair integrity from harsh processes
  • Makes hair look and feel healthy and shiny
  • Improves combability (wet or dry)
  • Reduces static
  • Controls Frizz
  • Cuts blow dry time

Available sizes: 6.8 oz. / 25 oz.

Active Ingredients
Keraveg 18
Increases hair elasticity and hair strength
Increases strength
Vitamin H
It is the supporting block of a number of amino acids and enzymes that are involved in fatty acids and proteins