The art and science of personalized treatment

Instant gratification, Deep reconstruction.

As a Mixologist, you have the professional knowledge to determine what Key products are needed in the mix, in order to achieve optimum benefits for your client’s hair care needs. Customization for each and every client, followed with a personal experience of Touch Therapy.

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Nourishing from the inside
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Organic Oils

Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Tea Tree
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Avena Sativa

Peptide act as a conditioning agent
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Protein Mix

Forming a protective shield on the hair
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Shea Butter

Hydrates, smoothes and adds shine

Mixology Products

Champú I.C.O.N. purificante Purify de I.C.O.N. Products
Clarifying Shampoo
Tratamiento Hidratante para el cabello Inner de I.C.O.N. Products
Moisturizing Treatment
Tratamiento de proteínas para el cabello Proshield de I.C.O.N. Products
Protein Treatment
Tratamiento Desintoxificante Shift de I.C.O.N. Products
Detoxifying Treatment
Remedio Hidratante Infusion de I.C.O.N. Products
Hydrating Remedy
Ecoplex I.C.O.N. Products
Secure your results, revolutione your color