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Today’s men care more about their appearance than they are willing to admit. From start to finish, they take care of their hair, skin, body and pay attention to the food they eat and the beverages they drink.

It is just as essential for them to feel good on the inside as it is for them to look good on the outside. I.C.O.N. has developed a line that takes care of all his hair and skin care needs; allowing him the confidence to feel good and maintain his look.

We know the best thing that a man can do for his hair is to maintain a healthy scalp, as the scalp is the foundation from which a great, healthy head of hair is derived. The same is true with his skin and facial hair, as great care should be taken to cleanse and protect his appearance.

A men’s line

that take care of their hair and skin


a healthy scalp and hair

Cleanse and protect

their appearance

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