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Anti-Frizz Conditioner

D Frizz Conditioner

Anti-Frizz Conditioner –Treatment is gentle enough to use daily to block humidity and eliminate erratic texture, while soothing the cuticle. With a blend of Biotin and Keraveg 18, the cuticle is left smoothed and defrizzed, allowing the hair to be stress free. Palm through hair from roots to ends and allow to penetrate for 2 – 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

  • Controls Frizz
  • Reduces static
  • Improves combability
  • Makes hair look and feel healthy and shiny

Dostępne rozmiary: 6.8 oz. / 25 oz.

Aktywne składniki

Keraveg 18
Increases hair elasticity and hair strength
Increases strength
Vitamin H
It is the supporting block of a number of amino acids and enzymes that are involved in fatty acids and proteins.