I.C.O.N. Products

Hair Professional Products

Products start in the mind and continue with a labor of love; each one hand crafted and designed to work to perfection. Each one has its own identity, while fulfilling stylists and clients wants and needs.

We fuse the most ecologically sound natural and organic ingredients with the most technologically advanced in science. We believe that it is our responsibility to share our environmentally conscious outlook, through green formulas, within the industry that we love.

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The art and science of personalized treatment

Customization for each and every client, followed with a personal experience of Touch Therapy

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Brings home care to a new dimension

Our Regimedies are as good for the inside of the hair as they are for the outside

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Liquid Fashion

Identity is what defines style

I.C.O.N. works to truly give each client a new or consistent identity

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Essence of healing, essence of being

I.C.O.N. coined the phrase Hair-Yurvedics to bring the benefits of oils into hair care

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Love your texture, cure your hair

Cure by Chiara, a line that solves specific hair care needs

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Mr. A

The Men's line

I.C.O.N. has developed a line that takes care of all his hair and skin care needs

I.C.O.N. Color

Brings you to the next level of technology