Girls With Curls

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Girls With Curls

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Whether you want bouncy, defined or textured curls, you must choose the correct product to achieve the right results.

Girls With Curls
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Bouncy coils and ringlet curls

Hold shape and form; structure your curl. Capture the moisture with ingredients that hydrate and strengthen while leaving a touchable feel. MESH is a Moisturizing Style Cream that was designed to do just that. This hybrid cream will leave curls bouncy for days ahead. A product as unique as the curl itself.

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Curl Cream

Twist and spiral curl

Defined control; from limp to plump. Heal and improve hair texture with a blend of oils that fortify your curl.

CURL CREAM is a blend or Argan, Moringa, Amber and Quinoa that define the pattern of your curl leaving it soft and healthy.

The true definition of a curl.

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OG Foam

Wavy curl, crisp texture

Push in your curl; enhance texture. From time to time your curls just need a boost. Get back to basics with OG FOAM. Infused with a blend of Vitamin B’s this foam plumps and boosts your curls to give you body, shape, and enhance texture. A product from the past brings your curl to the future.

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