The Balm

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The Balm

Facial Moisturizer

Premios GQ 2018 Winner | Best Shaving Product

Soothing balm for freshly shaven skin. Contains Draco extract (dragon’s blood extract), known for forming a unique second skin-like film to protect from environmental factors and reduce redness. Use as a daily moisturizer to eliminate stress from the skin and protect from free radicals.

  • Shea Butter complex enriched with Beta Glucan for elasticity and moisture
  • Daemonorops Draco (Dragon’s Blood) Extract – (sap from the Croton Lechleri tree) forms a unique second skin-like film around the face which effectively protects the skin

Available size: 3.4 fl. oz.

Active Ingredients

Shea Butter
It is an excellent moisturizer that helps hydrate, smooth and add shine, while restoring hair flexibility
Dragon’s Blood Extract
Healing, anti-inflammatory, forms a unique second skin-like film
Beta Glucan
It stimulates the immune system by increasing the defenses and protecting the skin against free radicals