Champú I.C.O.N. Drench


Moisturizing Shampoo

Saturate hair with moisture, manageability and shine. Lather in a rich, hydrating luxury for deep-penetrating performance.

  • Repairs and strengthens chemically treated hair
  • Quench dry hair’s thirst for protection

  • Improves the condition of brittle strands
  • Indulges hair’s inner brilliance
  • For all hair types

Available sizes: 8.5 oz. / 33.8 oz. / Travel: 3.4 fl. oz.

Active ingredients


Blend of proteins
A hair protectant that adds strength, manageability and shine to hair

Wheat proteins
They protect hair from environmental damage, increasing its strength and elasticity
Amino Acids
Amino acids are essential for healthy hair, nourishing from the inside
Adds Shine
It is used due to its moisturizing and regenerating properties