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Love The Company

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I.C.O.N. was created in 2002 and has been committed to enriching the beauty industry with cutting-edge products and innovative business development. With the professional and consumer in mind, we have created quality products with natural and organic ingredients from sustainable resources, that are good for the hair and the environment.

I.C.O.N. knows that the world is ever-changing and as a company, we stand at the forefront with the latest in concepts, trends and seminars that support the salon industry and the retail customer. I.C.O.N., committed to business growth, professional artistry and beauty.

Love the company, live the experience

I.C.O.N. Team

Do what you love and collectively we will succeed

At I.C.O.N. our team has no boundaries; we believe knowing yourself is being yourself. Celebrate your real talent. From behind the desk to center stage our team is a union of strength constantly empowered with knowledge, skill and opportunity.

I.C.O.N. Distributors

Our distributors are our partners.

They are the voice that delivers the philosophy of I.C.O.N. around the world.

United we share the vision and mission.

I.C.O.N. Salons

Salons are the forefront of I.C.O.N.

They each have their own identities but they share a common thread in adopting I.C.O.N.’s concepts, philosophies and products to create unique client experiences.

We bring them education and inspiration, which in turn elevates their salon business.

I.C.O.N. Clients

Our client's satisfaction is our brand

We create ecologically balanced and professional products that cater to all hair types.

Our products promote healthy hair, while allowing clients to maintain a salon-level experience at home.

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It started as a vision

In 2002, two experts from the beauty sector recognized their responsibility to the Hair Industry. Both from different cultures and continents, both sharing one goal.

Their goal was to create a company that is fueled by passion, captures attention and is filled with determination. A company that has a drive and purpose to create Superior Hair Care and Exceptional Concepts.

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Creative Director

Chiara’s passion and creativity truly defines the message, spirit and soul of I.C.O.N.

Chiara began as an international artist and quickly found her true passion within Research and Development of products. Finding new ingredients that are eco-friendly and sustainable, and infusing them with innovative ideas is her true mission; to ultimately change the way we look at our hair and our environment.

In Los Angeles, she works passionately to both maintain and develop product perfection; conducting tests to ensure that new and current formulas exceed expectations, while keeping creativity alive.

Jorge Rubín


His personal motto: “Start doing today what will matter most tomorrow

A successful salon owner and businessman, Jorge Rubín has an inside view within the workings of the professional salon industry. He is an expert in marketing, communication and has pioneered many philosophies; fusing creativity and business to elevate the success of each salon.

Jorge’s personal motto has always been “start doing today what will matter most tomorrow”. In doing so, he consistently captures the attention of new consumers and creates ultimate experiences inside and outside of the salon.