The future of hairstyle

Our cofounder Chiara explains how I.C.O.N. has positioned as one of the global references in natural and organic “styling” products

Why did you decide to create your own hair care brand?

I have always found a passion in Research and Development of products and I wanted to create a brand that was designed to give the best tools for consumers; that would give them quality hair, while using ingredients that would not only enhance their condition but give them versatility when styling.

What makes I.C.O.N. different from another haircare and styling brands?

All our products are tested on hair of real people before entering the market and, also, for the elaboration we only utilize ingredients that are biodegradable with sustainable resources.

In I.C.O.N. you speak about Influential Styling as a fundamental Concept. What does it refer to exactly?

The style is so much more than following trends. It’s about an attitude, a way of life, and how you share your personal story with the world. Our liquid tools are designed to create hair fashion, giving you the flexibility to achieve your influential look that you desire at the moment.

What do you enjoy the most about the process of creating a product?

By playing with new and innovative ingredients, such as raw and organic oils, purified aloe and coconut waters, natural and ammonia free hair color, fused with a breakthrough in new technology.

And, what is the most difficult part?

The most difficult or frustrating part is the length of time it takes to create a product and find that it doesn’t meet my standards or pass stability and compatibility testing. This sends me back to the lab to start over as I search for perfection and performance in every formulation.

Which are the latest trends in styling products?

Our products have always been about care and latest trend is about wellness. It’s important you start with utilizing clean, natural and organic ingredients, that are also sustainably and responsibly derived, as this is what today’s consumer is searching for. The first thing they do is turn around the products and read the ingredients.