Neo2 interviews Chiara

In 2002, you launched I.C.O.N. with Jorge, how did this project begin and how I.C.O.N. evolved over 17 years?

We started I.C.O.N. with one common goal, to create a beauty brand that was focused on stylists, as well as clients. I have the knowledge and the experience of product development and artistry, while Jorge has the knowledge of salon business and concept development.

It was just a natural connection. Our desire was to create a beauty brand that was focused on the stylist; designed to be artistic but also accessible and easy for clients as well. We continue to evolve with concepts and education, with a focus on what is needed or lacking within the industry that we love.

We will continue to move forward with innovative ingredients and ideas, while remaining in touch with the needs of our consumer.

Why I.C.O.N.? What does it stand for?

When we first started the brand, we wanted to be recognized by an I.C.O.N. , not a name; so that no matter what part of the world that you were in, you knew exactly what we stood for.

The points are there to separate the fact that we are an International Company that is Oriented towards a NETWORK of people within the industry.

You are I.C.O.N.’s Creative Director. What fulfills you the most about this role? Have you always been pasionate about creating new and unique hairstyles and hair care products?

Both are extremely satisfying, but they are completely different. My true love is creating products, and this drives me the most. By developing new products and playing with new and innovative ingredients, I am moved to create and achieve new looks and new collections. Creating new styles and cuts gives instant gratification, but creating new products lasts a lifetime.

You live in Los Angeles, USA. When you visit Spain, do you find a lot of differences regarding hair styles from California and Spain?

I travel to Spain about 3 times a year. I do see a difference within looks, but I think that it is due to the fact Los Angeles has always been a melting pot of cultures. I am fortunate enough to travel the world to experience all cultures and immerse myself in the surroundings, but as a whole, I think that trends are worldwide and there is not a very large difference from country to country.

Nowadays, no matter where you are, with a push of a button, a click of a link or the opening of an app, we can see what is going on in every part of the world. We share information, styles and trends. From Los Angeles, I can follow Madrid, Milan, Paris, Barcelona and other countries all within minutes and be connected.

In your opinion, which are the main hair trends for next F/W 18-19 campaign?

Quality of hair is always a trend and at I.C.O.N. we set it. It’s all about the well-being and this follows with your hair. We continue to see the strong trend when it comes to color, intoxicating color, painted shadows, rounded edges, colors that are iridescent, pastels, metallics and neons.

Creamy, Silver and Golden, Bleached blondes are always prevalent and don’t see going away anytime. Braides are intricate, times less and romantic, they are both hidden and exposed. All these trends can be worn overstated and understated. Hair is truly a canvas of creativity, but the finished look will only be complete with the right products.

Regarding future products, what are the upcoming innovations that we’ll see from I.C.O.N.?

Next with I.C.O.N. will be continued growth and innovation. We will continue making sustainable, ecofriendly and post-consumer resin packaging. We are a part of this world and want to make sure that our products continue to be natural and organic as not to hurt the environment that we live in.

How do you think hair salons will evolve in the years to come?

That may be a question for my partner Jorge, on your next interview as he has a strong pulse on the salon business and development. But, from my viewpoint, it is and always will be about education.

Digital technology is revolutionizing the world. Do you think there will come a day when hair stylists will no longer be needed ans instead robotic dryers equipped with special software will be able to give clients the ahircut of their choice?

We live in a world where innovation comes at every turn. Invention and creation is born every day, in every industry. I would be naïve to think that these things would not occur in our industry. There may be a device someday, but it doesn’t mean that we lose the human connection.

Perhaps a capsule can be created to scan the best look for you, but as stylists we execute the look. I believe in personal connection and believe that no matter what the climate, our clients crave that contact which is why I have had some of the same clients for over 2 decades.

What inspires you?

Helping others and giving back drives my inspirations. Fashion, technology and evolution of trends is stimulating. The movement forward of women in today’s world is empowering.