Chiara began as an international artist and quickly found her true passion within Research and Development of products. Finding new ingredients and infusing them with innovativeideas became her true mission; to ultimately change the hair industry

In Los Angeles, Chiara works passionately to both maintain and develop product perfection; conducting tests to ensure that new and current formulas exceed expectations. Chiara’s passion and creativity truly defines the message, spirit and soul of I.C.O.N.

Jorge Rubín

A successful salon owner and businessman, Jorge Rubín has an inside view within the workings of the professional salon industry. He is an expert in marketing, communication and has pioneered many philosophies; fusing creativity and business to elevate the success of each salon.

Jorge’s personal motto has always been "start doing today that will matter most tomorrow". In doing so, he consistently captures the attention of new consumers and creates ultimate experiences inside and outside of the salon.