Curly Hair


Styling Product
Mesh | Liquid Fashion | I.C.O.N. Products | Crema de Styling Hidratante
Hybrid product
Gel to cream: the cream hydrates, the gel defines. Hair feels moisturized and light: achieving bouncy curls.
India Curl Cream de I.C.O.N. Products
India Curl Cream
Wave-curl enhancer
Strengthen, condition and add texture. Give your curls a spiral effect.
Bálsamo Antiencrespamiento Smooth de I.C.O.N. Products
BK Smooth
D Frizz Balm
Soften your curls and fight the frizz. Wear your waves.
OG Foam | Liquid Fashion | I.C.O.N. Products | Mousse de Styling
OG Foam
Original Mousse
Designed to plump curls providing volume and control.