Hydration Regimedy

Moisturize & Nourish

Heat, dryness and dehydration are obstacles that we all face during the Summer. To avoid dry, brittle and unruly hair, we need to keep our hair hydrated and ensure that it gets the proper care.

Got Hydration

Hydrate: Maintaining optimum hydration is as essential for the body, as for the hair. It’s not only about adding moisture, but also adding essential nutrients to nourish and protect from the sun’s rays, heat and drying effects.

Hydration is the key to survival. Throughout the day, we drink a lot of water to maintain our proper levels, as we need to continuously replenish. The same is true for our hair. If not hydrated properly, you are left with dull, lifeless and brittle strands.

Our Hydration Regimedy drives moisture deep into the hair; to transform by adding flexibility, elasticity and shine.

Quench, saturate, penetrate


add moisture to dry hair


and protect hair from heat effects


adding flexibility, elasticity and shine

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