Insta Tone


A gel based color reflector that will alter your tone without interfering with the natural base; this demi color will cool down tones or warm up shades. INSTA TONE is like using an IG filter; it adds vibrancy and shine. Working on the cuticle layer of the hair, INSTA TONE leaves the hair with a fuller feel, perfect color and flawless shine.

Staying true to our concept of Ammonia Free & PPD Free color, this innovative formula is enriched with Natural and Sustainable Squalane, commonly used in skin care due to its protective attributes. A component derived from sugar cane, Squalane in hair color regenerates the hydrolipidic film of the hair. This maintains the ideal level of water that the hair needs for maximum moisture, hydration and shine.

Available size:  2 oz.


  • Ideal for highlights.
  • Color Correction.
  • After bleaching to remove yellow tones.
  • Mix and Create.
  • Refresh Color.
  • Run through while colouring with EcoTech color on roots.


  • Does not brake the base when mixed with the specific activator.
  • Long Lasting without damage.
  • Insta Application, Insta Results.