Maximum lift with amazing results


Snow White is a unique combination of active ingredients, thickening agents, and advanced micro powders that blend instantly, creating a spreadable texture. Reach maximum bleaching potential up to 9 levels of lift.

Creates the perfect creamy natural blonde

Nature treats your hair


The benefits of key ingredients, while keeping the integrity of the hair.


Reach maximum bleaching potential up to 9 levels of lift, excellent for free-hand, creative bleaching, and other bleaching and highlighting effects.

  • For professional use only.

Contains persulfates. Irritant for eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Strongly alkaline. Harmful if swallowed. This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritations and severe allergic reactions, including allergic respiratory reactions in case of inhalation. Do not use for bleaching eyelashes or eyebrows or any other part of the body apart from hair. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Rinse eyes immediately with plenty of water if product comes into contact with them. In case of intense itching or burning sensation on the skin, rinse immediately away with lukewarm water. Do not use on irritated or broken skin. Do not use on children. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from heat, sparks and naked flames. May cause fire if it comes into contact with other chemicals, paper or other flammable materials. Wear suitable gloves. Use only in areas with adequate ventilation. For professional use only.


Snow White leaves the hair with extraordinary shine, manageability, and strength.

Healthy hair with tremendous shine