אקולוגיה וטכנולוגיה נפגשות כדי לענות על צורכי הצבע שלך.
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Ecotech Color
Ecology and technology meet to fulfill your color needs
The permanent, demi permanent, semi-permanent hair color cream from I.C.O.N. both ammonia and PPD* free
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Stained Glass
Take ordinary color to extraordinary
A treatment translucent color gloss. Peroxide free, alcohol free, paraben free and ammonia free
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Natural Earth Colors
100% Herbal Color
Our earth colors stain the hair without altering or changing the genetic makeup
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Flash Color Gel
A gel based color reflector that will alter your tone without interfering with the natural base
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Playful Brights
Create your fantasy of color on pre-lightened hair
Strong and vibrant hues graduate to pastels