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ice-pastels-icon-products Pastels
Hair as cool and brilliant as an icicle. Each strand is an ice crystal that blends to create illuminating effect.
steel-pastels-icon-products Pastels
Strength and durability reflect off of this unique pastel. Capture the essence of a heavy metal reflection in your color. Steel is determined, mysterious and confident.
cool-steel-pastels-icon-products Pastels
Cool Steel
Show off your icy side while remaining strong and sleek. Hair is dynamic as the hues of a deep blue sea.
amatista-pastels-icon-products Pastels
Hair shines and reflects like a precious gem with this violet pastel. Let every strand reveal stunning color that won’t disappear or fade. Intoxicate onlookers with hair that is pure and full of color.
blush-pastels-icon-products Pastels
Rosie, classic and refined. Light up a room with the warm aura that your hair emits. Call to mind the beauty of a classic rose, with new emotion and style.
caramel-pastels-icon-products Pastels
Smooth, rich and desirable. Hair as sweet as its namesake, the Caramel pastel makes each lock appear warm and luxurious. Caramel colors run together to give hair defined dimensions.
sand-pastels-icon-products Pastels
Capture the illusion of sand and feel relaxed with this neutral evocative pastel. A pastel that stands the test of time and appears fine to the touch.

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